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Apple Return Policy
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Now, this is the article where I will tell you more about the Apple Return Policy. The return policy of it is fairly simple and you will not find it hard. Therefore please read the whole article to know more about the same. Now, along with the return policy, I have also described in detail about the Apple Refund Policy. I have also followed that with the Apple Exchange Policy.

Hence this is an extremely informative article, covering all the topics surrounding the return policy. Please read it and do let me know what you felt about it in the comments.

More about Apple

Now, Apple is a technological company, in the United States of America.

Apple StoreNow this company was founded in the year 1976, on the 1st of April. The founders of this company were Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple is considered to be one of the biggest technological companies in the world. It is along with Google, Amazon and Facebook. It was founded as Apple Computer Company. Then it was named Apple Computer Inc. and finally they settled for Apple Inc.

Currently, the company is a public one. The headquarters of Apple is in California, in the United States of America. Arthur Levinson is the current Chairman of Apple. Along with him is Tim Cook, who is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO). And finally is Jeff Williams, who is the Chief Operating Officer(COO) of Apple.

This company is in eight industries right now. This includes computer software, cloud computing, digital distribution, etc. It offer nearly 25 products to its customers. This includes iPod, iPhone, etc. It also has more than 10 subsidiaries, including Apple Energy LLC, iTunes Store, etc. You can visit their official website here at

Now please read the following paragraphs. I will in them tell you about the Apple Return Policy. Then I will also tell you about the Apple Refund Policy and the Apple Exchange Policy.

Apple Return Policy

Product Returns

Now, while returning any product to Apple, please keep a few points in mind. The Apple Return Policy states that you will have to return your product within 14 days only. This is from the date of purchase. Now please note that these 14 days, are 14 calendar days. Hence please take special care of the same while returning your items.

Along with this, please keep in mind another thing too. You can return items to Apple only which are actually purchased from Apple’s official stores or from them online. In case you want to return items purchased from the Apple retailers, you will have to do it according to their return policies.

The final point that you must take special care of is the packaging. You will have to ensure that the item that you are returning must be repackages properly with the original packaging. All the cords, adapters, documentation should be in there at the time of returning. Now there are some items that are ineligible for return. You can read on and see which items are not eligible for return.

Non-Returnable Items

There are some items that Apple refuses to take back. These items are:

  • Electronic Software Downloads
  • Apple Store Gift Cards
  • Opened Software
  • Apple Developer Products
  • Software Up-to-Date Program Products
  • Apple Print Products

Now these were the products that are non-returnable to Apple. Please read on to know how you can return your product back to Apple. After that I will tell you about the Apple Refund Policy and then about the Apple Exchange Policy.

How to Return Products back to Apple

Now according to the Apple Return Policy, there are mainly two ways to return your product. You can either return your product in one of Apple’s store. Or you can return your product through the mail. Please read the following paragraphs to know how exactly you can return these products.

Return In-store

In order to return your product in-store, please do as I say. The first step you need to do is to head to an apple store near your. This is the link where you can find the nearest Apple store Once you find the store, please head to it and enter it. Once there, you can go to the returns center and then ask them to accept your returns. There will probably be an Apple specialist nearby, who will help you in returning your product. Your refund will be processed at the same time.

Therefore this is how you can return your product in-store. Read on to know more about how you can return your product through the mail.

Return Through the Mail

The first thing that you need to do here is to head to this link Once you are there, you will need to login. You need to fill in the box your order number and your email address. It will look something like this.

Apple Return Policy through Mail

Once you fill in this, you will be able to sign into your account. Then select your item and head to the ‘start a return link’. From there, click on ‘get started’ and finally on ‘initiate your return’ on the next page. Then finally you will need to return your return label in order to make sure you are able to return your product. Once you print the return label, please read the instructions too. In case you are returning computers, it is strongly advised to use the original packaging.

You can either schedule a pickup with the carrier or drop off the package at any of the carrier’s locations. Hence this was how you can return your product through the mail. The nest paragraph is about the Apple Refund Policy. Then it is the Apple Exchange Policy. Please make sure you go through them all.

Apple Refund Policy

The Apple Refund Policy states that your refund will be initiated as soon as they receive your return. In case you have cancelled a pickup item and then you were also billed for it, Apple will refund you once you give them your cancellation request.

Now the case for purchasing products from Apple online, that is from their official website is a little different. Apple will refund you in the form of an Apple Gift Card on products that you purchase from Apple online through their website. To understand more on the same, you can visit the page on the Samsung Return Policy and the Homedepot Return Policy as well.

Apple Exchange Policy

In case you have purchased an item from Apple in the United States of America, you can return it in any of the Apple stores in the United States of America. It may happen though that you are unable to get what you wanted due to a lack of stock in the store. Therefore I advise you to call and check the availability of the product that you want in their store before you head to exchange your product.

Please note that it may happen that your exchange might be denied for some special products. For eg, Personalized items and custom-configured Macs may not be eligible for exchange at an Apple Store. Also, as I said, if the products are purchased from the Apple retail stores, you will need to follow the exchange policy of that particular store.


I hope you read the full article. If you did, then I am pretty sure that all of your doubts will be cleared regarding the Apple Return Policy. As I said, it is really simple, and you will not face much problems while returning your product(s). I hope that you found it simple too.

Along with the return policy, I also told you about the Apple Refund Policy. I then followed it with the Apple Exchange Policy. Therefore, this was it from our side. You can later visit our website for more such return policies. We have written return policies on many such companies.

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