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Dell Return Policy
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The readers who are looking for Dell Return Policy can go through this page. We have a complete analysis of Dell Return Policy, Dell Refund Policy and Dell Exchange Policy in the most clarified way. As per the Dell return Policy, you can send back the purchased product within a month from the date of packing of slip or invoice. In this article of Dell Return Policy, we have also included the topics like Dell Warranty Policy, Dell Replacement Policy, Dell Delivery Policy and many topics related to that. The Dell Return Policy also includes Dell Delivery Policy. So now let’s go through the content for further clarification.

Dell Return Policy

Dell Company in brief

Dell is a Company of the United States of America which deals with computer-based technology. It provides and manufactures computers and computer-related services to the customers. Dell has set its own trademark in the field of technology all over the world. It serves in almost all parts of the world.

Dell company sells various electronic gadgets and much more related services. Dell’s company is mainly known for the supply of laptops and other electronic commerce. It has since made immense progress in the storage and networking system. Their main aim is to expand their profile from offering computers and laptops only.

Although the company says that it provides the best service as possible, but it happens sometimes that we are not satisfied. This content has information for those unsatisfied customers of Dell. This will clarify all your doubts in all aspects. If you keep reading, we will provide you additional information regarding many other issues.

Dell Return Policy in brief

The basic Dell Return Policy is as followsDell Refund Policy

  • The return period of Dell Company’s product is within a month of invoice.
  • you cannot return a product to Dell without a bill or else it will be considered unauthorized.
  • Returning a Dell product needs a CRA number.
  • The customers need to also understand that the Company may decline the returning of the product as well, depending upon the type of the product and its condition.
  • You should definitely go through the terms and conditions of the Dell Company.
  • You will get information about the refund in the below topic of Dell Refund Policy.

These were just the basic requirements of Dell Return Policy. If you want to know more in detail than you can go through our page further. Now we will understand the Dell Return Policy in a more clarified way.

Detailed Dell Return Policy

Now let’s begin with the exact Dell Return Policy procedure. If you come across certain difficulties regarding the content, feel free to inform us in the below comment section.

Dell Return Policy with bill

The customers who have the bill of the purchased item. such customers should follow the following steps.Dell Return Policy

  • The Dell Product can be returned within a month from the date of the purchase slip or invoice.
  • The company will return your money charging some restocking fees (if applicable).
  • Software installed must be returned in the given time periods.

Dell Return Policy without a bill

The customers who do not have the bill of the purchased product. such customers should take the following steps

  • You can’t return the product without a bill
  • Dell will not refund the products without a bill.

Various means of return

You can return the product through the following means. Dell provides every possible service to its customers.

  • If you have bought the Dell product from stores. You can return it to the store they will proceed with the procedure
  • You can also return by sending mail to Dell.

The following are the two methods of returning the product according to Dell Return Policy.

The online method

Following is the procedure for returning the product online. Go to the Official Dell Page.

  • Before returning the product, you must have a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) number
  • You can get a CRA number on
  • you must return a product within 5 days of issuing CRA.
  • Your credits may be less than the invoice or individual component price due to a concession.

In this way, you can return your product with the help of the online method.

The offline method

Following is the procedure for returning the product offline. Firstly, you will have to go to the Dell Store.

  • You should submit your product to the respective store and the will process the further procedure.
  • Another method is to return the product to dell of your own.

The above are the procedures that you need to follow for the Offline Method.

Dell Refund PolicyDell Refund Policy

Dell Refund Policy follows certain rules to refund money. You must read them carefully.

  • Dell will refund your money after receiving the returned product.
  • It may charge some restocking fees if the product is found damaged. This fee is almost 15%  of the total product cost.
  • You will receive your payment with the means of online payment gateway or in the form of dell rewards.

Thus, these were the points that should be kept in mind for Dell Refund Policy.

Dell Exchange Policy

Dell Exchange Policy is found unconvincing for the customers. You must read further for a clear understanding.

  • Dell will not buy back or exchange old laptops or any other electronic product.
  • It will help you to trade in your laptop and will give you a dell gift card in return.

Hence one cannot exchange their electronic gadgets using Dell Exchange Policy but can sell their old laptops through Dell Exchange Policy.

Exceptional Category

There are some exceptions to the Dell Return Policy. You must read the following cases carefully.

  • You can not return your software at any time.
  • The customers should return their application and the software at a specific time period only.

Hence, these were some exceptions which should be kept in mind.

Damaged Product

Any product which is found damaged at the time of delivery or by mistake then you should follow the following steps.

  • The product which is found damaged then it is included in Dell error
  • Dell may charge restocking fees of up to 15% Dell of the purchase price paid.
  • Which may also include applicable sales tax.

These were the results in the case of a damaged product. The Dell Return Policy has such a kind of damage policy.

Dell Rewards

Dell Return Policy has many connected topics which include Dell Rewards. You should read the following to know this additional information information.

  • You must join Dell Rewards for free.
  • It can double the rewards when you purchase with financing.
  • You get your order qualify for fast or free delivery.
  • You may also get 3% of rewards on purchase of a certain amount

Dell provides these reward benefits for their customers which could be considered as one beneficial point.

Contact Dell

If you have any doubts regarding Dell Return Policy, Dell Refund Policy or else Dell exchange Policy than you can also contact the below-given details.

  • The Customers Care Number is (1-800-254-3692)
  • You can even contact them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media Handle as well.

You can easily get in contact with them through the above information. We also provide help for the same. You can tell us your queries in the comment section we will be happy to solve them.

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