Samsung Return Policy Decoded in 10 Easy Steps

Samsung Return Policy
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Want to know about the Samsung return policy? Read along to know about the same. This article includes details about the Samsung return policy, for goods purchased online and also from the Samsung store. The article also covers the Samsung exchange policy, the Samsung Refund Policy, and the Samsung cancellation policy.

About SamsungSamsung company

Samsung is a multinational industry and the largest business conglomerate of South Korea. Their most remarkable industrial affiliate is Samsung electronics. The Samsung return policy is customer friendly and easy to understand. Read along to know more about the same.

Samsung return policy accepts returns for the products purchased online within 15 days of the purchase. For the goods purchased from the store, the product has to be returned to the Samsung store. Although, there are some exceptions which the customers need to know about. Read further to get the detailed explanation about the Samsung return policy, Samsung exchange policy, and Samsung cancellation policy.

Samsung return policy for online purchase accepts return requests for purchases within the first 15 days of delivery of the product. Log in into My Orders page to begin the returning process.

  •  Click here to initiate the return.  If your product is eligible for return according to the Samsung return policy, a return button will be present besides your product.
  • The product should be returned in the original packaging with all the other items which come with the merchandise(e.g headphones, remote, manuals, etc). If the original packaging is unavailable securely pack the merchandise in some alternate box. Make sure the alternate packaging is safe and secure.
  • Please note that you do not have to pay for return shipping. You will get back your shipping cost after the returns are over.
  • You will receive a notification to your billing e-mail address once Samsung has confirmed receipt of your return within 5-7 business days. An additional e-mail will be received by you once the return has been completed and a refund requested (5 business days). You can do a Samsung refund check to make sure that you get your money back. Refer to the Samsung refund policy in case of doubt.

Samsung return policy for the purchase done from Samsung store

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  • will not accept the return if the purchase is conducted through the Samsung experience store. The product has to be returned to the Samsung store.
  • If the product is purchased or picked up from the store, the customer has to drop the item at the store. The refund will be issued within four business days after the item is returned.
  • If the product was delivered at your home, a refund will be issued within 7-10 business days once the item is returned to the store.


  • Firstly, Samsung does not accept return requests after 15 days of the delivery of the product.  Although, it might happen that there is some issue with the product after the expiration of the return period. In this case, please refer to the Samsung warranty policy of the product for repair troubleshooting options. You can also refer to the Samsung customer services to know how to begin with your support claim.  Click here to visit the Samsung Service & Support section.
  • Secondly, If the product is damaged and is within the return period, please initiate a return by logging in to My Orders and select the type of damage under return reason.
  • In case, your return period has expired but you have purchased premium care you can call on 866-371-9501 to get support 24/7.
  • If you did not purchase premium care and are within 1 year of purchase, seek further support from the Samsung Warranty Support team.
  • If the product is damaged and is within the return period, please initiate a return by logging in to My Orders and select the type of damage under return reason.

Samsung exchange policy

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Samsung accepts exchange requests of only those products which are declared ‘ Dead on Arrival’ (DOA) by their authorized service centers. Read the following steps carefully to know about the Samsung DOA policy-

  • Visit the nearest Samsung authorized service center if there is a performance issue with your product. Once the product is certified as DOA the service center will seal the product with all its accessories in original packing. They will guide you on how to proceed with the return process to the seller or the retailer. There should be no tampering with the DOA seal.
  • After the DOA certification, initiate a request at toll-free number 1800 40 7267864. This is to arrange to pick up for the product.
  • Also, make sure to have a copy or an image of the DOA sealed product and the DOA certificate.
  • Samsung’s logistics partner will ask for the copy/image of the DOA sealed product and the certificate to validate the IMEI number.
  • The exchange of such DOA certified products will be initiated within  7-10 business days after your request has been issued.
  • However, the exchange will depend on the availability of stocks.

Samsung exchange policy for old mobile phones

To exchange your old mobile phone to get a new one cheaper you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘ Mobiles’ page on the Samsung shop and select the mobile which you wish to purchase.
  2. On the product page of the device, specify the pin code of the area where you wish to avail the exchange. Click the option called ‘ Buy with exchange ‘ which is present on the right side of the product.
  3. Select the type of exchange you want to avail and click the ‘Exchange now’ button.
  4. There are two types of exchange options, Instant and Easy exchange:
  • Instant exchange: You will find two dropdowns from where you will have to select the brand and the respective model of the mobile you would like to exchange for the new one. Enter the IMEI number in the space provided. After entering the required details, an amount will be displayed which will be deducted from your new purchase. Click on the ‘exchange and buy’ option and get your new phone at a discounted price. Samsung will take the old mobile from you while delivering the new one.
  • Easy exchange: Provide details of your old mobile phone. However, the exchange facility is available on the selected devices only. The inputs you give will determine the assured value of your old device. You will have to pay the full price of the device but after the delivery, Samsung will get in touch with you and carry on the exchange. Give your old device and get the cash.

Important things to remember

  • Check the list of eligible devices in the Exchange offer form and know if your old device is eligible for the exchange.
  • Ensure that your device is in working condition and its display is intact. The display should not be broken or damaged. Normal wear and tear is acceptable
  • Make sure that you specify the correct details of your old device so that you can get the best-assured price of your device.
  • You cannot exchange a mobile phone which is not working.
  • Samsung’s partners have created a pro-rate value for all the devices that can be exchanged in the Samsung store. This is to ensure that the buyer gets the best price for the old device.
  • Keep in mind that, you can exchange only one used product per new product order.
  • You cannot exchange another used product which is different from the one you specified while ordering.
  • It is better if you return the product with its original accessories and packing but it’s not mandatory.

Samsung Cancellation policy

It may happen sometimes that you may not wish to buy a product any longer after ordering it. In this case you have an option to cancel your purchase. Here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung cancellation policy-

  • accepts cancellation requests only before the goods are packaged for shipping. You can easily cancel your order by using Samsung shipping tracking. Go to Samsung’s online order search in the Track My Order section. 
  • If the Samsung order status confirmed is positive, but not packaged for shipping, your order is eligible for cancellation.
  • If your order is eligible for cancellation, a cancel button will be available. Click this button to cancel your order.
  • If the button is missing, your order has already been sent to Samsung’s fulfillment center and thus cannot be canceled. In this case, you can return or refuse the order after it has been received.

We hope this article solves some purpose and clears your doubts about the Samsung return policy, the Samsung exchange policy, the Samsung Refund Policy, and the Samsung cancellation policy. We also have our contents on the Walmart Return Policy, Best Buy Return Policy, and the TJ Maxx Return Policy as well.

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