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Now, this is our article on the Old Navy Return Policy. I have here broken down the return policy into simple steps. You will not find any difficulty in following these steps if you follow them correctly. Therefore please do so. Make sure that you follow them correctly. This will lead to you being able to return your goods very easily. Now, along with the return policy, I also have the Old Navy Refund Policy for you. And finally, I also have the Old Navy Exchange Policy elucidated for you here.

This is hence an extremely informative article. Please ensure that you read it properly, for it will ensure that their are no doubts in your mind related to these topics.

Old Navy

Before we talk about the above-written topics, let us know something about the company first. Hence I will here give you a brief understanding of how this company works, what it sells, etc. Once you read that, you will have a proper background of the company ready. Hence you will be able to understand the return policy in a better way then. So please go through the history and the current standings of Old Navy.

Old Navy Logo

Now this company is a retailing company, in the United States of America. It specializes in being a clothing and accessories retailing company. It was founded in the year 1994. The date of its founding in 1994 is the 11th of March. Mickey Drexler was the guy who founded Old Navy in the year 1994. He founded Old Navy is San Francisco, in the United States of America Now, we had enough pf the company’s history. Let us now talk about the current affairs of this company.

Old Navy is currently headquartered in the city of California, in the United States of America. Currently, it has more than 1,100 locations all over the United States of America. Sonia Syngal is serving as the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Old Navy currently. Along with that, she is also the Global President of Old Navy. Please note that Gap Inc. is the parent company of Old Navy. This has been since the year 1994. Finally, you can visit their official website here www.oldnavy.com.

Now I think we already know enough about the company. It is now time to shift our interest to other topics. Let us now talk about the Old Navy Return Policy. I will then tell you about the Old Navy Refund Policy. And finally the Old Navy Exchange Policy.

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy Return Policy

Now I will tell you about the return policy in detail. Please read it carefully. The slightest mistake in understanding it may lead to unwanted consequences. Therefore please make sure that you read it carefully.

Now, the Old Navy Return Policy is a quite general type of policy. Once the purchase is made, the Old Navy gives you 45 days to return the product back to it. Hence you will have to make your return within 45 days of your purchase. There is one more thing here though. At the time of your return, the most important thing is the receipt. You will need your receipt in order to return your product back to Old Navy.

If you paid for your product through a debit/credit card, Old Navy will accept your return without a receipt. This is because there will be proof of the transactions online. But if you made your purchase by cash and do not have the receipt, Old Navy will mail you some store credit in some days.

This was the Old Navy Return Policy. Read on to know more about the Old Navy Refund Policy. Then it is the Old Navy Exchange Policy.

Non-Returnable Items

There are some items that Old Navy simply refuses to accept as returns. I will hence here provide you with the list. You can then decide whether your item is eligible for return or not. The returns that are not eligible for returns are:

  • Firstly, Old Navy does not accept items that are either washed or worn. If your items are washed or worn, Old Navy will not accept it.
  • Secondly, Old Navy will not accept returns of final sale items. These items can neither be returned or exchanged with Old Navy.
  • Thirdly, items with ‘mail only’ written on them cannot be returned. You will encounter such items when you are shopping from Old Navy online.
  • Items like Sunglasses and Swimwear can be returned only if they have the original tags attached to them.
  • Finally, products bought from Old Navy in their store cannot be returned through the mail.

Returning your Items to Old Navy

I will tell you exactly how you can make your return. Please read the two methods that I have written under this. If you follow both of them properly, you will be able to return your products without any hassle.

Returning your Product Through the Store

Firstly, please go to any Old Navy store near you. You can find the nearest store here www.oldnavystorelocator.com. Once you are there, you can simply scan your area and see the nearest store to you. Once you are there, please do as I say.

Old Navy Store

After you reach the store, please check that you have all the necessary items with you. You need your original receipt along with you. Along with this, make sure that your product is in a new condition. It should not look washed or worn. Once you ensure this, please ask them to accept your return. Now that I have told you about the Old Navy Return Policy, read on to know more.

They will then direct you to the desk where they accept returns. Old Navy will then analyze your return and finally, they will accept it. Once they do, they will soon process your refund. If you want to know more about the refund, please scroll down. I have written about the Old Navy Refund Policy there. After that, I have also written about the Old Navy Exchange Policy.

Returning your Product Through the Mail

Return Through the Mail

Now, this process is a bit tough. You will first need to pack your product up. You have to pack it up in an mail and then wrap it properly. Please do so, because Old Navy has no responsibility for the damage that takes place while the mail is being transferred. Therefore please take special care of the same. After this, you can mail the package to any of the Old Navy’s warehouses. Therefore this was how you can return your product through the mail.

Holiday Returns Policy

This paragraph is when you make your purchase online from Old Navy between Nov 1st and Dec 24th. If this happens, you can return your products by Jan 15th, or 45 days after purchase, whichever is later. Old Navy also states that you should allow them 5-7 days for the return of the mail. This is because the proof of the mail is required and hence it takes some time. This comes along with the Old Navy Return Policy.

Old Navy Refund Policy

Now, the Old Navy Refund Policy states that Old Navy takes nearly 15 days to process your refund. This is not a lot and hence you are eligible to get your refund quite quickly. Therefore please wait for 10-15 days once your return is made. Old Navy will refund you within the time.

Old Navy Exchange Policy

Now, if you want to make an exchange, do as I say. Firstly, please inquire in the store about the availability of the product that you want in the exchange. Once you confirm that it is available, please head to the store. Once you are there, please give them the original receipt of your purchase. Also, your product should not be washed or worn. This will prompt the Old Navy team to refuse your return. Therefore this is the process you need to follow in order to make your exchange.


This brings us to the end of this article. Please tell us if you liked this article. It was on the Old Navy Return Policy, Old Navy Refund Policy and finally the Old Navy Exchange Policy.

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