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Bought new items Sephora Online or via a store, but not up to expectation? Don’t worry you can return it easily for which Sephora Return Policy. Just go through this article and you will be able to each and every possible way through which you can easily return your item. Along with it will also know about Sephora Refund Policy & Sephora Exchange Policy. Let’s begin with the article.

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More About Sephora Return Policy

Sephora Return Policy states that you can return any product purchased from Sephora within 50-60 days. And this time span will begin from the day and time you purchase the product. The item which is bought via the online platform can be easily returned within 90 days from purchase. And the mode of return would be by mail. But the product purchased from the store cannot be returned via mail.

Policy For Online Purchases

Any purchase from the Sephora Online store can be easily returned. Sephora Return Policy will make your work easy. It offers you free shipping. It can only be returned within 60 days of purchase Sephora Online returnto store or via mail service. To know more about the same you can visit

Before returning a product just go through below-written points:

  • If you are your product within 60 days from purchase then you are eligible for a full refund on that product. In its original form of payment by you paid for it.
  • Returning product in between 60-90 days, in that case, you will get a refund in the form of store credit. Which can only be used for purchasing through the Sephora store.
  • And in case of returning the product within 60-90 days. Then you can only return the product via mail service.
  • If you are willing to exchange your product. It can be only done at Sephora Store, you cannot exchange it via mail service.
  • You will not get any refund or exchange for a product which is been returned after 90 days from purchase, and should also be in new and gently condition.

How To Return A Product

You can return your product, for that you have only two ways by which you can return your product. And one of the easiest way to return the product by visiting the store, and the refund will be processed immediately. And the other way to return the product is via mail service.

Return via Mail

If you are willing to return the product via mail service, then make sure about a few points which are mentioned below:

  • Sign In or Create a new account at Sephora.
  • Click on “My Orders” and after that find your product for Return. Make sure that it is eligible for the returns.
  • Fill the Return Form, fill it with all the required details, and after that pack it along with the package.
  • Also, attach Return Label to it.
  • Use USPS service to return packages.
  • Once the product is received by Sephora your refund will be initiated.

By following the above steps you can easily know how to return the product via mail service.

Return at Store

Now if you are returning your product back to a store, then for that you need to know a few things Sephora Store Returnabout return which are mentioned below;

  • Visit your nearest Sephora store along with your purchased product, and also carry order summary details, return form and payment mode by which you made payment.
  • Once your product and other belongings are verified at the store as per Sephora Return Policy, immediately your refund will be processed in its original form of payment mode.
  • If you are opting for exchange, it will be only accepted if the product is available in stock.

So this was about how to return your product at the store.

For In-Store Return Purchase

Sephora Return Policy states that you can return any of the purchased items within 60 days of purchase. Along with the original payment slip. Before returning the product please go through given points;

  • If you are returning the product in its original form along with the original payment slip, within 60 days from purchase then you will get a full refund of your product.
  • Return after 60 days along with a receipt for that you will get a refund in form of store credit.
  • The product which are not in new and gentle condition are not eligible for returns.
  • In-Store purchased product will be only can be returned at any Sephora Store, not using mail service.

So follow the above-mentioned instruction for easy return of In-Store purchased item return.

Sephora Return Policy for Canada

If you are from Canada and worried about return will help you out in that too. Any product purchased from Sephora online store or from the store, then you can return your product within 30 days from purchase. And the product should be in the new and unused condition only.

There are two options for returning a product, you can return it by visiting Sephora Store, or you can also return it via mail service. You can refer to the “How To Return A Product” all the information is given there.

Product purchased from any of the Stores in Canada, so for that, you can only return the product by Free-standing at the nearest Sephora store, and further details will be provided to you at the store.

To Return A Gift

For returning a Gift can only be processed within 30 days from the purchase. And will only accept if you have original receipts or gifts. Gift can be exchanged or refunded easily.

If you are returning a gift along with the original receipt after 30 days, then you will get a refund in the form of Merchandise Cards. And exchange will be also accepted by Sephora.

And in case of a non-receipted Gift return, in that case, Sephora will first verify your case and after that, your refund or exchange will be processed. In case not verified then you will be not able to get an exchange or refund.

Sephora Gift Return

Without Receipt Returns

If you have purchased any of the items from the Sephora store, and your purchase slip is been lost, then don’t worry about how to return or exchange the product. I will help you out with it. As it is simple to generate packaging receipt from slip or return label.

And if still, it is not able to process, then only one thing can be done, for it, you will get a return in the form of Store Credit. Which can only be used for purchasing any of the Sephora Products; There is no such validity to use them, you can use it any time.


So this was all about Sephora Return Policy & Sephora Refund Policy. We hope that it was very much helpful to you. As each and everything is been explained in brief. Above mentioned details cannot be 100% perfect, as this is just only an information source.

Still having any kind doubts or query then just write it down below in the comment section and will revert you back. You may also read Amazon Return PolicyOld Navy Return PolicyCostco Return Policy & TJX Return Policy.

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