Ikea Return Policy

Ikea Return Policy
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Ikea says that they follow a “No-nonsense return policy”. In which they provide you the most convenient services under the Ikea return policy, as compared to their other merchants. You will get a brief about its return policy, continue reading till the end to know more.

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About IKEA Return Policy

In the Ikea return policy, it states that you can return any purchased product within 365 days from the day of purchase. Customers will receive full payment in the refund, only if the product is in an unused condition along with the original bill receipt. In case you are not satisfied with the product, and change your mind about returning the product within 14 days from purchase, in that case, you will be provided with a full refund along with your delivery charges will also be included in your refund.

In case return policies are not fully followed, so that case customer will get their refund in form of a Gift Card, depending on the reason behind the return of the product.

Exceptions Of Return Policy

There is only one exception Ikea Return Policy, That customer won’t get a 1-year return policy scheme for Mattress. Customers will get only 90 days to return validity for particularly this product. And for checking mattress comfort, 90 days are more than enough to check.

Ikea calls it “Try it at home for 90 days”. In which customers can easily check the comfort of the mattress. This policy is applicable on all the mattress. Accept SULTAN bed bases, bed slats, and mattress pads. Ikea offers 25 years of guarantee on the mattress so that your sleep can stay constant.

Post-Covid Scenario

Ikea is a very big brand when it comes to the home-improvement market. It follows all the safety guidelines and so their employees. Ikea is taking all the required steps to fight against this covid situation. But it’s not only their responsibility we should also take care of. Below you will get to know about steps taken during these difficult times;

  • Contributing with ventilators to needy hospitals.
  • Distributing masks to local communities.
  • Also helping Saudi Arabia & Bahrain with free hospital furniture.
  • Distributing free food to the needy in the Caribbean.
  • Also opened free covid test centers for NHS.

Here are some of the ways by which Ikea is contributing to these tough times. We Will proceed ahead and discuss more Ikea Return Policy

Process Of Ikea Return Policy

Ikea has a simple return policy, but it is bifurcated into 3 different parts, such as an In-Store return policy, return at the collection point or return online. But for that customer must check the purchased items are eligible for which type of return.

Return In-store

In case of returning your product at a store, that customer needs to follow few steps as mentioned in the Ikea Return policy. As mentioned below;

  • Click and find the nearest IKEA  store.
  • While visiting the store for return, the customer must care original purchase invoice along with the original packing of the product.
  • After reaching the Ikea store, visit the Ikea Guest Service department to continue your return procedure.
  • Ikea will provide your instant refund at the store, in your original form of payment only. But the product must be in unused condition.
  • If you opt for an exchange, then Ikea will help you with the exchange of the product, with the available product in stock.

Return at any Collection point

IKEA collection point

Ikea Store has 3 different collection points; the first one is at Westfield Stratford City, the second Norwich & the third one is at Aberdeen. It is nothing but just an innovative way that will help customers in improving their shopping experience. The return process of any of the purchased items at the IKEA collection point is the same as where you purchased the item.

Return through online mode

Return by FedEx

Items whose weight is less than 10 kg can be easily returned via FedEx or UPS. In case of returning the merchandise, you must return the product along with the original package, and product invoice. After the returning steps are similar as mentioned in the above section. To know more in detail contact 1-888-434-4532, and they arrange a pickup truck.

Return via Mail

In case you are busy with some work and not able to visit the store for returning your product, so in that case, you can easily return your item by mail. Ikea has a partnership with Collectplus which makes this procedure easier for returning an item via mail. For which you need to follow few below-mentioned steps;

  • Pack your item along with the original purchase slip in the box.
  • Then stick the CollectPlus Label, for printing it visit this page.CollectPlus Logo
  • Attach the label on the box and mail it through Collectplus
  • Once the product is successfully received, your refund will be initiated.

So these are the are 3 different ways using which customers can easily return a product under Ikea Return Policy.

Ikea Refund Policy

After completing a product return under Ikea Return Policy. Your refund will be initiated immediately. If you are returning your purchased item via online mode then it may take up to 3 to 4  working days for initiating the refund. Or it may also take around 10 business days for reflecting into your bank account.

IKEA Return Policy in United Stated Of America

There are few changes in the Ikea Return Policy rules. Ikea offers a return period of 365 days from the purchase date. If you are returning your product in the USA then it will require your photo ID along with the original purchase slip. Your product will be declined if it is not in proper condition, stained, damaged, or abused. So before returning a product must check your product and keep all these points in your mind. To avoid denied for return. The return procedure is the same but few steps may differ.


So with this, we will end the Ikea return policy article. In the above article, you will get to know that how to return any of the products purchased from the Ikea mart. But the only condition is that the product must be in original packing. And also should have the original purchase slip. You can also have a look at some other stores’ return policies, such as ASUS RETURNFred Meyer Return PolicyCostco Return PolicyWalmart Return Policy & HP Return Policy. If you have any kind of query related to the above article then just feel free and write it down below in the comment section.

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