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Quality is our trademark. We provide the best to our customers. At times our customers are unhappy then we have the solution under our Best Buy Return Policy. In this world of changing technological era, Best Buy Return Policy brings in the fresh air of return qualitative products. This page also includes the content on the Best Buy Exchange Policy and the Best Buy Refund Policy as well.


*    15 days for most of the products. (30 days for MY BEST BOY ELITE MEMBERS AND 45 DAYS FOR MY BEST BOY ELITE PLUS MEMBERS)

*   14 days for cellphones and devices that can be activated(inclusive of all types of customers)

15 days for major appliances (for all types of customers)

Note: The time period begins the day you receive your product and applies to new clearance open box, refurbished and pre-owned product under the condition of best buy policy return

Please carry the original content and packaging of the product you want to return.

The customers can simply give their items at the Best Buy official store without any trouble. One needs to have the packing slip of tee product or tee receipt, tee credit card wick was used to purchase tee product. The customer needs to have valid photo identification.

The customer can use the carrier of his choice to return by mail

Keep the return form portion of the received packing slip in the box with the product which you want to return. You can get your Return Slip by going at the, your order Section. The customers can even fill their own return label. Keep the completed form along with the product you want to return in the box. Place the return label on the package and send it back to any carrier the customer wants. Best Buy return policy will do the needful within the stipulated time.

IMPORTANT: For BEST BUY PREPAID LABEL pay nothing. The customers need to simply accustom the steps as per the Printing Return Form. Place the packing slip or return form along with the product you have to return in the box. Place the prepaid label on your package and drop it at a legal drop off location. You will have the desired solution within the given time according to the Best Buy Return Policy.


There would be a restocking fee on certain products we sell. The restocking fee has to be paid by the customers if they return that particular product. This is applicable even to My best buy elite and My best buy elite plus customers.


  • Firstly, devices like the cellphones and the similar ones that are in the activation sector of the Best Buy Company.
  • Items like the Refrigerators, the cooktops, the ovens, the drones, the DSLR Camera, the projectors and some of the electronic scooters as well.

The customers need not pay the restocking fees if they have not opened the merchandise yet. Also, the products that are in the AL, CO, HI, IA, MS, OH, OK, SC are also not included in the restocking fee structure. Still, the Best Buy Refund Policy charges a Refund in particular states as well.


According to the Best Buy Refund Policy:

A refund will be done in the same manner as you paid for it except in certain cases. If you want to read in a similar format, then pass the content on the TJ Maxx Return Policy and Walmart Return Polic. 


Customer if wishes to can make an exchange for the same product. Now as per the Best Buy Exchange Policy:

If the customer makes his return via mail, then the return period will take at least 2 to 3 weeks.

We will refund the customer by cheque by 10 days if the customer has paid more than $800 or more  $250 by a debit card. Money used from a gift card will be routed back to the credit card under provisions of Best Buy Return Policy. By chance, you have misplaced your gift card ten do not worry, Best Buy Return policy as a solution. The customer can call at Best Buy. Please keep the order number with you for a hassle-free solution. Best buy will send you the required replacement within the stipulated time.


1)   The customer wants to return the product. e returns the product not due to the fault of Best Buy then the cost of return shipping will be subtracted from your refund. This is applicable if the purchaser sends back an item using a prepaid method from Best Buy Online Returns Centre. The actual shipping fees will be sown when an e customer  is choosing the prepaid return label method for your return

2)  The customer returns the product due to the fault of Best Buy then no concerns, Best buy Return will pay you the shipping cost as well. Best Buy Return Policy provides full support to the customers.

3)  The customer gets a product that is damaged, a product not according to their order or a defective product, please call at Best Buy for return. The customers can simply make a call on the official page of the Best Buy Company. The customer care service will look at your issue and proceed ahead. (1-888-237 all carrier charges).

The customers can make a return via two possible ways. They are :

  • Firstly, return your Best Buy item to the nearby store of the Company. You need to make a call with the customer service beforehand regarding the same.
  • Secondly, you can simply make a call at the Best Buy company and make your work done with ease.

Delivery of major appliances

You can make a call at the Best Buy store within 48 hours of purchase if there is damage to the product.

Connected devices

The customers have to take care that, they need to erase all the data from the device before they make a return. Or else it may have some adverse effect on your private data. Later no allegations at the Best Buy Company is applicable.

Cell phones and devices with a carrier contract

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to pay all the service charges for the cancellation of the Mobile Phone Delivery.

So, there are majorly two ways by which the customers can return their mobile phones.

  • Return your device to a Best Buy store. You need to make a call at the service center of the Best Buy before the cancellation of your product.
  • You can make a call at the official customer care service of the Walmart Company.

Final sale and nonreturnable items

All Final Sale merchandise cannot be returned. Other nonreturnable purchases include custom orders, digital content, prepaid cards (including third-party gift cards), gift packaging, memberships, completed services, opened consumable items including batteries, cleaning agents, oils, fuel, ink and 3D printer filament, and items returned that are damaged, unsanitary, missing major contents or not in a like-new condition. These are the items that are not in the Best Buy Refund Policy and the Best Buy Exchange Policy as well.


The Best Buy company will even provide a Gift Card for its customers for the In-store return of their subjects. So you can apply for the same accordingly.

Wedding Registry items

Items from the Wedding section have a return period of around 60 days. Items need to be linked to the Registry at the time of purchase to receive the extended return period. This is applicable to all the members of the Best Buy Company. It includes the elite and the Premium members as well. No change in the same is possible.

Software, movies, music, and games

Once an electronic device is opened and started for use, then it will not be considered in the return section or even the Exchange section.

Missing packaging or accessories

If you do not have a packaging accessory, then it is okay. The company will accept your return without any issues.

Best Buy Custom Orders

The orders which the customers have customized for themselves are not for the return. They are not included in the Best Buy Return Section.

Magnolia Design Center products

Magnolia Design Center products can only be returned to Best Buy stores that have a Magnolia Design Center inside. Bring the item, the payment method used to make the purchase, and a valid photo ID.

Gifted Total Tech Support

A Total Tech Support gift package with an unexposed activation code may be returned at a store by the purchaser for a refund, or by the gift recipient for store credit within 30 days of purchase (45 days if the purchaser is a My Best Buy Elite Plus member). Cancellation and refund details on Gifted Total Tech Support memberships that have been activated are found in the Total Tech Support Terms of Service.

Special important information:Best Buy Return Policy

You need to remove your personal data from the Walmart Electronic devices. To understand more, you can click the Privacy Policy.

Prices and offers are subject to change. © 2019 Best Buy. All rights reserved. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, MY BEST BUY, and BESTBUY.COM are trademarks of Best Buy and it will be given to the customers. Strict adherence to the instructions will provide a quick solution to the customers a promise under the Best Buy return policy. If the fault is of Best Buy then all accountable shipping fees will be given to the customer without any hassles.

Once a customer accepts our major appliances and if he or she finds defects or damages then please call at Best Buy within 48 ours. According to Best Buy Return policy please call at the following number(1-888-237-8289)

Privacy protection

For all connected devices remove the data and the device should not be linked to any devices. This as to be strictly followed or we will not accept the returned product under Best Buy Return Policy. Moreover, the device should not be linked to any cloud account.

The customer wants to return any device with a carrier contract then the customer will have to terminate his or her service contract with the carrier, and for all carrier fees.

Two options are given to the customers for returning the device and for suspending the service.

The first choice is to give the device back to a Best Buy Store. You need to inform the Best Buy company about the termination of your so ans so. Best Buy Return Policy would like to state very clearly that rules and regulations regarding carrier service cancellation may differ from company to company

The second option is to telephonically inform at Best Buy Mobile. According to Best Buy Return policy please inform the person whom you are speaking to that you are interested in canceling your service.


Best Buy Return Policy states very clearly tat final sale merchandise cannot be returned. You cannot return the items that are not in good condition. These are the points on the Best Buy Return Policy.

Lastly, we expect that we have solved your queries regarding the Best Buy Return Policy. We also incorporated the points on the Best Buy Refund Policy and the Best Buy Exchange Policy. If you still have any doubts, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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