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Now you can easily return any of the purchased item form Ace Hardware, for that just follow Ace Hardware Return Policy. You will get all the possible help from Ace Hardware, to know more about the same just go through the article.

More About Ace Hardware Return Policy

You can return any of your product, under Ace Hardware Return Policy. The return will be only accepted if you return the product within 30 days from purchase. Make sure that the product is unused condition. The opened product will be not eligible for the refunds. And also attach all the original purchase slips along with the product, to make your return easier.

Ace Hardware

Methods Of Returning A Product

You can easily return your product in two ways Online Return or you can also return the product back to the store. For more information related to Ace Hardware, Return Policy read below.

Procedure For Returning At Store

One of the ways to return a product is by returning to the store. Just follow the below given and your return process will become easier.

  1. Visit the nearest Ace Hardware Store.
  2. Return within 30 days from purchase.
  3. You cannot return used or opened products.
  4. If you have got a damaged product, immediately inform customer care.
  5. After 30 days return will be not accepted.
  6. You will get a refund at very much less shipping, handling, and other charges.
  7. Not able to reach the Ace Retail store. Then you can also contact Ace Hardware to know more about return on 888-827-4223.
  8. When you are returning the product, you must carry all original slips and receipts along with the product.
  9. Keep a photo ID along with you.
  10. In case of returning after 30 days, contact 888-827-4223.Ace Hardware Store

So follow these steps for returning a product at the store.

Procedure For Online Returning

If you are willing to return your product using Online Service, so for that just follow the below return steps;

  1. While returning the product using online service, so the company has not provided much information. Please contact me at 888-827-4223 to know more about it.
  2. Return Product within 30 days from purchase.
  3. Further, all the steps are similar as mentioned in the above, Store returns procedure.

So this was about returning a product to Ace Hardware via Online services.

Exception For Return

Here are some of the exception for returning a product is been mentioned below;

  1. In 30 days return policy, there are some products that cannot be return such as gift cards, gas-powered, or home paints.
  2. Rewards will be forfeited in one or more for the product purchase in whole or in parts.
  3. You cannot return any gift cards.
  4. Products such as Magnolia Home Paint, can not be returned. As with any product purchase, an online store cannot be returned.
  5. Ace Hardware Return PolicyIn case if you have got a wrong color or damaged Magnolia Home Paint, immediately contact at 888-827-4223.
  6. You can return the product within 30 days such as generators, chainsaws, tractors, tillers, mowers, etc.
  7. Return for, used gas-powered equipment cannot be done. And if the product is drained materials. For that contact customer support.
  8. Manufacture Policies will be provided by manufacturers themselves.
  9. To know more about the authorized service center for that you can contact 1-866-290-5334.
  10. The sale will have clearance items.
  11. You can return flammable, liquids, gasses or hazardous can only be returned at Ace Store.
  12. While returning back any of the product you will be charged 15% of re-stocking fees.

So these are some of the exceptions which must be known before returning back any product.

How to Get Easy Refunds

To get a refund easily for your product. Just follow some of the simple steps and you will be easily able to get refund for your return.

  1. You can return the product to the nearest store.
  2. The shipping cost is returnable. For defective items.
  3. The refund will be processed within 7-10 days after return.
  4. If you use Ace rewards, then you will be refunded in its original form.
  5. Right To Refund does not include fraud or abuse.

So by following so, you will get your refund.

To Sum Up

So this was all about Ace Hardware Return Policy. All the things related to return is been explained in brief. The data written above cannot fully correct, it may vary. If you are still confused related to policies, then you just write it down in comment section and will revert you back.

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